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Simplifying financial complexity and setting the standard for excellence in actuarial and wealth management services.

Who is 33 Actuarial & Advisory?

At 33 Actuarial and Advisory, we are passionate about simplifying financial complexity and setting the bar for service excellence.  

Our actuarial services are set apart by our end-to-end service offering to legal professionals and their clients. We are in the unique position of having a line of sight of the entire claims process. This starts with calculating, reporting on, and explaining losses incurred by claimants. It includes providing an expert witness for court appearances and culminates in ensuring claimants’ compensation is invested and safeguarded for maximum benefit.  

In addition to serving the legal profession, we have more than 23 years of experience in providing actuarial consulting services to the financial industry.  

Our wealth management services are defined by our data-backed Intelligent Simplicity™ process. Everything we do is designed to help simplify your financial decisions, ensuring confidence in achieving your desired lifestyle. We design bespoke solutions for our private clients, covering all the traditional areas of wealth management, including investment, insurance, estate, tax, and cash flow/life planning. We prioritise transparency, trust, and independence, offering products only when they align with your needs and goals.


We are very enthusiastic about combining our love for science, innovation, and simplicity to redefine the world of finance. This is reflected in our name, inspired by the significance of the number 33 and the beauty of applied mathematics.  

If you ever visit the architectural masterpiece Sagrada Família in the beautiful city of Barcelona and are passionate about maths, you might want to take a closer look at the square matrix Gaudi adapted for the church.  

A square matrix has integer numbers, which add up to the same amount in columns, rows, and diagonals. That amount is known in maths as the magic constant. The one concealed in Sagrada Família is the number 33, and it is significant to us as it refers to the life of Jesus.  

Gaudi was inspirational in his use of mathematics and mechanics to design and create. His work influenced many to develop new solutions that reshaped the world, integrating solid traditions with new technological possibilities.

Sagrada Família magic square
Eddie Theron


Eddie Theron

Eddie Theron is the founder of 33 Actuarial and Advisory. He is a qualified actuary (FASSA) and Certified Financial Planner®️ (FPI) with over two decades of experience in the financial industry. Eddie started his career in 2001, specialising in asset-liability modelling for life insurers in Europe, the USA, and Australia, before returning to Cape Town in 2005.

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