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We provide a tailored, end-to-end service for legal professionals and their clients, empowering attorneys to enhance their client care and reduce administrative burdens. Our services cover producing actuarial reports, acting as expert witness, offering investment advice for settlements, and establishing trusts.

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Actuarial Reports

We offer a guaranteed 24-hour turnaround time on urgent actuarial reports.

Actuarial reports include quantification of the following claims:  

  • Deceased estates: maintenance, valuing living annuities and accrual;  
  • Divorce matters: maintenance, valuing living annuities and accrual;  
  • Medical negligence: capitalisation of future expenses, loss of earnings and loss of support;
  • Road accident fund: capitalisation of future expenses, loss of earnings and loss of support;
  • Other personal injury or 3rd party matters: capitalisation of future expenses, loss of earnings and loss of support;
  • General: inflation, interest and other calculations.
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Please email the completed template, together with supporting documentation, to instructions@33actuarial.com

Turnaround times vary according to the complexity of the calculation. We will provide an estimate within 24 hours, and urgency options are available on request.

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Financial Solutions

We have a holistic overview of the end-to-end claiming process as well as unique insight into the relevant actuarial calculations, investment products, and the financial landscape. This makes us the ideal advisor on how settlement capital should be invested and protected.

We can assist in the following settlement situations:

  • Maintenance claims against deceased estates or in divorce matters;
  • Future expenses claims in medical negligence matters;
  • Loss of earnings and support claims following road accidents or other personal injury matters.

Investment advice is tailored to each situation and we work directly with claimants, curators or trusts where they have been put in place.

Trust setup and administration:
The costs of setting up and administering trusts can be exorbitant. This, together with the unavailability of trustees, can be challenging for claimants. Combining our actuarial, investment, and legal expertise means that we can set up structures to maximise a claimant's benefits.  

Bonds of security:
Are you winding up a deceased estate? Setting up a trust? Operating as a curator?  We provide intermediary services to executors, trustees, and curators who are need of court bonds.

In addition, we provide wealth management services to private clients outside of the legal industry.  

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How can we assist you?
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