Our process

What you can expect from your financial journey with us.

Step 1
Initial phone meeting

Before committing your time or ours, this 15-minute phone call will give us both a chance to make sure your situation matches our expertise. This is an opportunity for us to understand what your needs are and explain our way of doing things.

Step 2
First meeting: Getting to know each other

The goal of this first meeting is to become perfectly clear on your goals, concerns, and unique financial situation. Even before the meeting, we will gather some of your information electronically to enable us to have a richer discussion.

Step 3
Our analysis

After gathering all the necessary information from you, we analyse and crunch numbers. We prepare a simple yet powerful visual summary of your financial life. We also assemble a list of your priorities and attach to each of these an indication of how likely you are to reach that particular goal considering the plans currently in place.

Step 4
Second meeting: Presenting our findings and deciding on focus areas and next steps

During this meeting, we present our analysis. We will explain exactly what you need to do to achieve your financial goals. We will also decide together which one of the four focus areas – cashflow/life planning, investments, insurance (which includes estate planning), or taxes – you should focus on first.  

At the end of this meeting, you can decide whether you would like to begin working with us or if you need further consideration. We will discussion fees transparently, and you will have the opportunity to ask any further questions.  

Step 5
Planning and implementation

Having decided on our first focus area, we get cracking on the next steps. Once this focus area is covered, we move on to the next and repeat. We find that clients typically move into a more regular rhythm after two years. From this point on, we assign a quarter of the year to each one of the four focus areas, and then repeat the process every year.

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